Frequently Asked Questions

Why fundraise with Axxess?
Axxess is a great way for schools and non-profits to raise money while supporting the local community! We have already raised more than $2.1 Million for local let us help you too!

How does fundraising with Axxess work?
There are many ways to fundraise with Axxess! After talking with you, we can determine what method is best for your needs. The most common way is to have each student or group member take home an Axxess book and an order form. At the end of the fundraiser, monies and remaining books are collected, and outstanding orders are filled. It's that simple, and Axxess will be there to support you every step of the way.

Who can fundraise with Axxess?
Anyone! Most of our fundraisers are schools & registered 501-3C Non-profits but we can also help indivuduals who are raising money for a specific cause. Call us to learn more!

Who does the reconciliation?
Axxess makes it easy by doing all the reconciliation for you. We generally ask that 3-4 people from your school are present during the process if you have over 150 students to fill the orders & verify the results. For larger schools we typically recruit more volunteers.

How much time is involved?
The time commitment will depend on the size of your group, and the method you are using to raise funds, but in general the time commitment is very nominal. Axxess does most of the work for you, including creating flyers, banners, and memos to promote your fundraiser.

How do the prizes work?
Axxess has prizes available for everyone involved in the fundraiser, including the teachers and staff. There are certain minimums to qualify for some of the prizes.  In general, any student that sells 2 or more Axxess books during the fundraiser will receive an Axxess Prize Card. Top sellers at each school win a pair of tickets to the theme park of their choice.  Teachers and staff have the opportunity to win a free membership.