Fundraise with Axxess

How Fundraising with Axxess Works
Fundraising with Axxess is one of the best and easiest ways to raise funds for your organization. From kickoff to completion, we will guide you every step of the way. We provide you with all the materials you will need, and help you identify the best channels to promote your fundraiser. We will even do the reconciliation and fulfillment for you.

It's Simple.
Our methods are flexible and designed to minimize your effort while maximizing sales results. We have raised over $2,100,000 for local schools & non-profits. The best part is, we are a locally owned & operated – here to support you and ensure your success throughout the fundraiser.

It's Easy.
Everyone loves thier Axxess Card! Axxess has become a trusted household name, so Axxess Memberships practically sell themselves. With an average savings of $500 per family per year, an Axxess Membership is well worth it!

It's Profitable.
Up to thirteen dollars ($13) of every book sold goes directly to your organization, which means you’ll see more dollars per unit sold than most other fundraisers. There are NO minimums and NO up-front costs. Checks are written directly to your organization so you are guaranteed to get the funds raised – without processing delays.

If you’d like to know more about fundraising with Axxess please read our FAQ or contact us.

Great prizes, convenient process, quick turnaround, and best of all, the Axxess staff was always calm, patient, kind and professional. They made it really easy for me. And we rasied almost $10,000!
-- PTA Fundraising Coordinator, 2017

I feel good about selling Axxess Books because it's such a local thing and everyone loves it. I don't think of it so much as a fund raiser but a service to the families that buy them.
-- PTA Fundraising Coordinator, 2015-2017

The Axxess staff is so awesome to work with. They make this fundraiser as easy as possible and they are always there to answer any questions.

This is one fundraiser our parents actually look forward to.

-- PTA Fundraising Coordinator, 2017

The Axxess Fundraiser is great! We raised about $9,000 last year with very little effort on our part.
-- Fundraising Coordinator, 2017

Axxess is a great fundraiser - easy to promote and highly profitable. Every school I know partners with Axxess, seems like a no-brainer!


-- PTO Fundraising Chair 2018