Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Axxess?
Axxess is a Membership Program that entitles its members to exclusive discounts at over 530 local merchants.

What areas does Axxess cover?
Axxess Merchants are located in Santa Barbara, Montecito, Goleta, Summerland, Carpinteria, Isla Vista & the Santa Ynez Valley.

Who are the Merchants?

Axxess has 15 categories of Merchants:

  • Food
  • Wine, Beer & Spirits
  • Restaurants
  • Clothing
  • Kids, Education, Classes & Activities
  • Health, Beauty & Fitness
  • Sports, Entertainment & Golf
  • Zoos, Theme Parks & Museums
  • Travel, Lodging & Transportation
  • Home Furnishings & Design
  • Building, Maintenance, Services & Movers
  • Automotive
  • Florists, Jewelry, Gifts & Event Planning
  • Business Services, Finance, Real Estate & Supplies
  • Pets & Animal Care

Is there a guarantee?
Yes. Axxess has a money-back guarantee for its Members. If a Member does not save at least the cost of Membership, the Membership can be cancelled with a full refund.

How do I get my money back?
Simply return your card and we will credit your credit card or write you a check.

How much does a Membership cost?
An Axxess Membership is $40. Postage is additional if mailed.

How long is a Membership?
An Axxess Membership is good from the time you receive the Axxess Card and expires on December 31st.

How much do Members really save?
From talking with our Members, the average savings with our Membership is $300 annually.

How many Restaurants are there?
There are 145+ Restaurants including delis, coffee shops, cafes, and ice cream parlors. New Restaurants are continually added throughout the year and emailed to members.

How many Memberships can I buy?
You may buy as many as you want. We offer a reduced rate on Group Sales with a minimum purchase of 25 Memberships. Call us at 805-884-0307 for details.

What's the deal with Movie Tickets?

Movie Passes must be purchased directly through Axxess and a maximum of 10 may be purchased per day. The silver movie passes are not valid after 6:00pm at movies designated with a ★ in the local movie listing, which usually indicates a new release or a "No Pass" special engagement. The gold movie passes are valid for any movie, anytime.  Neither pass is valid for special events. Passes are subject to availability and the price is subject to change without notice.  Movie passes for the Cinemark theatres in Ventura are also available for purchase.  Tickets may be purchased online and shipped, or may be picked up in the Axxess officeDo not bring your card to the box office.


How do I know which movie pass to buy?
Look at the movie listings online.  Select the movie and theatre you'd like to visit.  If it says "Sorry, No Passes." you may not use the Silver Pass after 6pm.  If you intend to go to an evening showing, you'll need the Gold Pass.