Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When I choose an offer in my Axxess Card App, I am being told that I must activate a Card or purchase a membership, but my membership is already activated. Do I need to reactivate it?

A: In the updated version of the Axxess Card App, you will see two images on the home screen – one of the 2018 Axxess Card and one of the 2019 Axxess Card. Each of these Axxess Cards acts as a link to its respective Merchant Directory. Because we are in our yearly crossover period, with the 2018 Membership coming to an end and the 2019 Membership just beginning, if you do not have both memberships and you go into the wrong directory, then you will get this error message. If you have a 2018 Axxess Membership, you most likely need to purchase and/or activate a 2019 Axxess Membership.

Q: I am new to Axxess and I just activated my 2019 Membership. As I was looking through the Axxess Card App for merchants and offers I noticed that some of the offers listed show another activation screen when I open them, telling me that I must activate a Card or purchase a membership, but my membership is already activated. Why is this? And why is this just with some offers?

A: We currently have two Axxess Memberships that are simultaneously functioning, 2018 & 2019. In your case, since you are new to Axxess, if on the home screen you accidently go into the 2018 Merchant Directory, you will often find offers with a message asking you to activate a membership. If you’d like to purchase the 2018 Axxess Membership, please contact us at (805) 884-0307, but please know that that those offers will end on 12/30/18. As for the question regarding some of the merchants showing this error and not others, a handful of offers are available through both the 2018 and 2019 Axxess Memberships and will appear as visible in either directory. Because of this, if you have only a 2019 Axxess Membership, we recommend that you use the 2019 Merchant Directory 100% of the time.

Q: I was unable to use my Card this evening when my wife & I went out to dinner; it was refused because the Merchant said that there are no available offers for my Card. I have used it before though, and I just found the email confirmation from when I activated it. What should I do?

A: It sounds like while you have a 2018 Axxess Membership activated on your account, you visited an Axxess Merchant that is brand new to the 2019 Axxess Membership. As their offers will only be available through the 2019 Axxess Membership, you will need to either purchase the 2019 Membership to unlock these offers or activate a 2019 Card if you have already purchased it.

Q: I see that a Merchant who I am planning to go see this weekend has the same offers listed in both the 2018 & 2019 Directories. How will they know to use my 2018 offer and not my 2019 one?

A: If the same offer is available through both your 2018 and 2019 Axxess Memberships, our system will always redeem the offer using your 2018 Axxess Membership first, so the offer will still be available via your 2019 Membership once your 2018 Membership expires.

General Questions 

Q: I ordered a 2019 Membership online, on the phone or in the App, when will I receive it?

A: Thank you! Please allow 3-5 days for shipping.

Q: I ordered a 2019 Membership in the App, can I use it right away? What do I do with the Book/Card when I receive it?

A: Yes! You can start using the App immediately to redeem offers. You have 30 days to activate your Card once you receive it (otherwise offers will turn off in the App). You can choose to redeem offers with either the App or the Card.

App Membership Basics

Q: Can I just buy an App Membership? Skip the Book & Card and pay less?

A: The Axxess Membership includes the Book, Card and App. The App itself is free (you just need to Activate your Card to use it). There is no alternative pricing for the Axxess Membership. 

Q: What version of Android & iOS do the Apps work on?

A: Android Phone OS is 4.4 KitKat and above (probably any Android Phone no more than 5 years old). Apple is v9 and above (roughly since 09/2015). Both need at least 30MB of free memory available & camera access. Please enable location services to see “Nearby” Merchants.

Q: If I have the App and have Activated my Card in the App, do I need to keep the Card?

A: You can use the App to redeem offers, track your savings and shop for movie passes, theme park tickets and gift certificates. There’s no need to keep the Card, however the Card and App are synced to your account, you can choose to use either or both. Offers redeemed on the Card will also be redeemed in the App.

Q: Does the App work on my iPad or Tablet?

A: The Axxess Card App is not optimized for iPad or tablets.


Q: How do I Activate my Card?

A: You can activate your Axxess Card anytime online or in the Axxess App. Or you can give us a call during business hours and we’re happy to do it for you. 805-884-0307.

Q: Why do I have to create an account?

A: Our Membership and access to Member benefits and offers starts with an individual having an account.

Q: How do I Activate my Card in the App?

A: If you haven’t already done so, login or create an account. Then go to My Account and select My Memberships. Simply scan the QR code on the back of your Axxess Card to Activate it.

Q: What happens if I don’t activate in 30 days? My App is showing a number of days to Activate OR Merchants I visit keep telling me to do so.

A: To continue to use your Axxess Membership, you need to activate your Axxess Card. There is a 30-day grace period during which you can use the Axxess Card App or an unactivated Axxess Card to redeem offers. After 30 days from a membership being purchased in the App or from an Axxess Card's 1st scan, your account will be disabled until you activate your Card. You can do so in the Axxess Card App, online or by calling us.

Q: Can I have multiple Cards on my account or in my App?

A: Yes. Just scan the Cards into your App to Activate or login to your account online.

Shop in App Basics

Quantity: To change the quantity of items you’d like to purchase, first select the item from the shop list, then click “View Cart” and tap “QTY” to change it. (Default is “1”).

To Remove an Item from your order, go to “View Cart” and tap the red “X” on the item you’d like to delete.

Shipping: Specify if you’d like to “Pick Up from Axxess Office” OR Select/Add an Address to have your items mailed to you.

Shipping Method: Tap the “Select Shipping Method” button to add the shipping cost to your order. TAP TWICE TO CONFIRM. Agree to the shipping terms. Add your payment method and tap “Order” – Your shipment will be on its way shortly! 


Q: I have Activated multiple Cards to my account, how do I know if I have a specific one time offer available to me?

A: If you have more than one Axxess Card activated to your account, you will continue to receive one-time offers until they've all been redeemed. If you're using the App, a QR code will continue to generate until all one-time offers (for each activated Card) have been redeemed. You can always check your account online to see which offers you've used.

Q: My Card/App would not scan for a continual offer that I tried to use twice within a few minutes, why? What if I have multiple memberships?

A: Continual offers can only be used once every 30 minutes. If you have multiple Cards on your account, you can use one continual offer per Card within 30 minutes.

Q: In the App, how can I tell if I’ve used an Offer?

A: One-Time offers will appear “greyed-out” on the offers screen. When you tap that specific offer, the QR code will not show and instead you’ll see a “redeemed on date” – showing you when you had previously used the offer.

Q: A Merchant scanned the wrong offer – an offer for a different business.

A: That’s actually not possible! Please call us if you have any questions: 805-884-0307.

Q: I used a One-Time offer at a place that has multiple locations but now all of them are “greyed out” and say, “redeemed on”? What’s up with that?

A: In some cases, when a business has multiple locations, one-time offers are valid only ONCE at the location of your choice (as opposed to being valid once at EACH location). So, if an offer is valid only one time (regardless of a business having multiple locations) – all of those one-time offers will grey-out and be marked as “redeemed.”