Membership Rules


Axxess Membership is valid through December 30, 2019. Your Membership includes both a scannable Axxess Card & Mobile App. Membership is valid with all Merchants listed in the Mobile App as well as the printed & online directory. Membership benefits are exclusive to the specific Membership purchased or received, may not be shared & are not valid for use in other markets. Read each advertisement or listing carefully as Merchant offers vary. Please present your Axxess Card or App at time of ordering or upon initial call/visit. Axxess offers are not valid on holidays (see “HOLIDAYS” below) or in conjunction with any other rewards cards, promotional offers, sales, happy hours, discounts or specials.


You MUST activate your physical Axxess Card within 30 days of its initial use or Axxess may tentatively suspend your Membership until activated.


The Member App is available for iPhones & Android phones in conjunction with Activated Cards only. You can use your phone to redeem all offers. Used offers are visually noted.


The choice to place any membership to renew automatically each year is optional. Memberships on auto-renew receive Free Shipping and immediate Axxess to the newest offers on September 15th of the following year. Select, deselect or edit this feature in the settings within the mobile app or online. If selected, the credit card entered will be charged each year on or around September 1st. Axxess does not store credit card information.


Unless otherwise stated, all offers are valid for one use only. Merchants with multiple locations may offer a one-time discount at the location of your choice, while others may allow the discount to be used once per location.


Axxess Members are entitled to one free item of equal or lesser value, when a first item is purchased at the same time &/or as stated specifically by a participating Merchant. All 2-for-1 offers are available once unless stated otherwise. Some 2-for-1 offers may be limited by a maximum value which is the maximum savings potential of the offer. No more than 3 Axxess Memberships may be used at one time for a 2-for-1 offer, unless stated otherwise. Often restaurants may exclude delivery, take-out & catering orders, lobster & other market items.


Continual offers are typically designated with the words “Thereafter” or “Everytime!” & may be used every time you visit the Merchant. Some continual offers may not be valid on alcoholic beverages or with catering orders, please check individual listings or ads. Continual offers are usually valid when dining in groups of 6 or less, unless stated otherwise. Most continual offers may not be used more than once within a period of 30 minutes.


Axxess Members may choose to use a continual savings offer rather than a one-time savings offer (regardless of whether or not the one-time offer has been redeemed). Continual savings offers & one-time offers may not be used simultaneously. Some Merchants have multiple offers & these offers may not be used simultaneously.


Often restaurant offers are valid on dine-in orders only. Some offers may be valid on take-out &/or delivery. Always ask in advance of placing take-out or delivery orders.


When dining in groups larger than 6 people, no more than 3 Axxess Memberships may be used at one time for the initial offer, unless stated otherwise. The least expensive entrées/items within the dining group will be complimentary. Continual offers are usually valid when dining in groups of 6 or less, unless stated otherwise.


Some merchant offers may have a “Max Value” or "Max Savings" stated in the offer restriction. This refers to the maximum dollar discount that will be given and is the maximum savings potential of the offer. When dining, if the item ordered does not exceed the maximum value stated, the menu price of the lesser item will be discounted. If the desired item exceeds the state maximum value, the difference between the maximum value and the menu price must be paid.


Please base tipping for service upon the total price of the bill before the discount. It is customary to tip 15% of the total bill before the discount & it is not uncommon to tip 20% for excellent service.


Axxess offers at retail stores are not valid on the purchase of gift certificates, gift cards or on items previously purchased.


Please mention “Axxess” or present your Axxess Card or App upon initial call or visit to a service provider who provides a quote or bid for a service. Service providers will not give refunds if the discount is not requested prior to payment.


Axxess Members may purchase Metropolitan Theatre, Cinemark or Regal Movie Passes throughout the year with a current & activated Axxess Membership. A maximum of 10 passes may be purchased per day. Passes must be purchased in advance from Axxess; please do not attempt to show your Axxess Card or app at the box office. If purchasing in the App or online, you can adjust the quantity desired in your shopping cart. If purchasing directly in the office, you can save .35 cents per ticket by paying with cash or check. Passes do not expire. Subject to availability. 


Axxess Members may purchase unlimited tickets to participating out-of-town Theme Parks, Zoos & Aquariums with a current & activated Axxess Membership. Ticket links are found in the “Shop” section of the App & the Axxess website. Prices are subject to change without notice & may be subject to a surcharge. Tickets are subject to availability.


Offers cannot be used on major holidays or holiday weekends, including, but not limited to: New Year’s Eve/Day, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving & Christmas Eve/Day. Many Merchants will not allow offers to be used during Fiesta, Solstice, Parade of Lights, Strawberry Festival or Graduation Weekend. Please call in advance to confirm. 


Only one Membership may be used per player per visit. An Axxess Card or App must be presented upon check-in for each player. Players may not share Cards or Apps. Axxess offers may not be combined with any other promotional offers or discounts & are not valid for tournaments &/or group meetings. Course blackout dates may apply.